How to start a Business

Starting a business is really challenging. You must have the skills and the drive. I’m guessing there aren’t any right and exact steps to follow but we can try to find out since we’ve asked random small business owners on what their actual experiences were. We’ve summarized it for you and made it simpler so you wouldn’t have to feel so overwhelmed by the many decisions you have to make.

Number one, answer these questions first, do you really want to be an entrepreneur? Why exactly do you want to be an entrepreneur. If you have a solid answer for this already then move on to the WHAT.

WHAT do you want to do (most businesses sprout from a hobby or something that you enjoy doing). If you already know exactly what you want, check if this has sales potential and if there is a market demand. The founder of WILLIAM REED only started with the idea of helping consumers be informed and now they are the voice of UK grocery industry. They also cover Hospitality; Food Manufacturing, Processing & Ingredients; Drinks; Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics; Insights & E-learning. They have built many brands along the years and have passed on the business to many generations.

Next, decide on whether you’re going solo or you’ll find partner/s that have the same goals and interests as you. Like the Glasgow Tree Surgeons, the business was built by people who have the same passion and credentials – this includes required insurance and certifications. The business itself include the following: Tree Pruning, Tree Felling and Tree Removal, Tree Planting, Emergency Tree Services, Ecological bat surveys, Commercial Tree Surgeon Work, Hedge Trimming, Tree Stump Removal, Tree Surveys, Site Clearance and Arborist. As they always say, “Like minds think alike” and most likely they will succeed since “Two heads are better than one” or more is even great!

Then, on to the business plan! This of course would be an over-all of how you want your business to be like and what you want to achieve out of it. You can start it with a one-pager and as you do your market research, check your competition, find out about your target market – you refine your idea and customize it based on what works best. You can ask all the support you need from mentors, partners and colleagues and you can research on other businesses. There’s a lot that you have to be doing and it make take several time for you to come up with a concrete plan but as long as you’re eager and motivated and you know what you want – then no one or nothing can stop you.

Every business started small and every business has the potential to grow big depending on how you take care of it (you can find more inspiring growth stories from Business Lancashire and for sure you’ll get a lot of great ideas). Of course, there’s no correct pattern to building a successful business – it will depend on the business itself and the people handling the business but it is always useful to research and find out about those who have already been there and still standing.

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